Best Man Speech Opening Lines

Best Man Speech Opening Lines

Delivering a memorable best man speech is an important responsibility at a wedding.

An effective opening line can set the tone for the rest of the speech and instantly capture the attention of guests.

Before crafting an opening line, it is essential for the best man to understand the basics of delivering a great speech, including knowing the audience, injecting emotions, and using humor wisely.

The success of a best man speech depends on finding the balance between sharing heartfelt memories and lightly teasing the groom, while maintaining an appropriate length and delivering the speech effectively.

Adding a personal touch is key to making the speech memorable.

By considering these factors and combining them with practical tips and techniques, the best man can create an unforgettable first impression.

Key Takeaways

  • A captivating opening line sets the tone for a memorable best man speech.
  • Understanding the audience and incorporating emotions and humor are essential elements of a successful speech.
  • Balancing personal anecdotes with appropriate length and delivery ensures a well-received best man speech.

Best Man Speech Basics

What is the best opening line of a speech?

A best man speech is a significant and expected part of a wedding ceremony, typically delivered to honor the groom and the bride.

As the best man, your task is to share a few words about the groom, the bride, or both, and often add humor, sentiment, or both to your speech.

It is essential to create a well-structured speech that captures the essence of the occasion in a formal yet entertaining manner.

When crafting your speech, begin by considering the relationship you have with the groom.

Reflect on memorable shared experiences, humorous anecdotes, or the qualities that make him a great friend and partner to the bride.

Keep in mind that the audience will be a diverse group of family and friends, so choose stories and jokes that are appropriate for all present.

Incorporate the bride and groom’s love story into your speech, highlighting the positive aspects of their relationship.

Share insights into their journey together, their shared values, and what makes them a perfect match.

Be mindful of running time, as a best man speech should not exceed 7-10 minutes to maintain the audience’s attention.

When preparing your speech, practice your delivery to ensure you convey your message confidently and clearly.

Use pauses to give the audience time to react to humorous or emotional moments.

Avoid reading your speech word for word, as this may make it seem impersonal; instead, opt for note cards to guide you through the key points you wish to address.

Opening Lines Techniques

A strong opening line for your best man speech will help capture the attention of the audience and set the tone for an engaging and memorable speech.

Here are some techniques to consider when crafting an effective opening line:


Starting your speech with a light-hearted joke can relax the atmosphere and help simultaneously establish a rapport with the audience.

For example, you might begin with, “Hi everyone, I’m [Your Name]. I’m here to tell you about [Groom’s Name] and how truly special, talented, and good-looking he is… hold on, I’m struggling to read his handwriting!”


Beginning your speech with an appropriate quote can provide a sense of depth and thoughtfulness. Ensure that the quote resonates with the essence of your speech and the couple’s relationship.

For instance, you might start with, “As the famous saying goes, ‘A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.’

Today, we celebrate [Groom’s Name] and [Bride’s Name] as they embark on this journey.”

Personal Anecdote

Sharing a brief, meaningful story about your relationship with the groom can establish your credibility as a speaker and add an emotional touch to your speech.

For example, “When [Groom’s Name] asked me to be his best man, it brought back memories of countless adventures and mishaps we’ve encountered together.

Standing here today, I can’t help but feel proud of the man he has become.”

What is the best introduction for a speech?

Compliment the Wedding

Demonstrating your appreciation for the event by acknowledging its highlights, such as the venue, food, or music, can win the audience’s favor.

For example, “I must say, [Groom’s Name] and [Bride’s Name] have outdone themselves with this stunning venue and fantastic ambiance. I’m honored to be a part of their special day.”

    Understanding the Audience

    The audience typically consists of guests with various relationships to the couple, including the bride, bridesmaids, father and mother of the bride, and sometimes, a toastmaster.

    Firstly, try to be sensitive and considerate of the bride’s feelings.

    The best man speech should not only celebrate the groom but also acknowledge the bride and the love she shares with him.

    Make sure your opening lines set the foundation for an inclusive speech that the bride and her family will appreciate.

    It’s also important to gauge the audience’s dynamics. The guests will include a diverse mix of family members and friends, with different backgrounds, ages, and senses of humor.

    Strive to create an opening that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Avoid inside jokes or references that only a small group of guests would understand.

    When considering the father and mother of the bride, keep in mind that they might be more traditional in their expectations for the occasion.

    Aim for opening lines that show respect and avoid anything offensive or inappropriate.

    Remember, you are not only representing the groom but also creating a positive atmosphere for the entire wedding party.

    Lastly, if there’s a toastmaster present, you can expect them to introduce you and set the tone for the speech.

    In this case, use your opening lines to build upon that introduction and smoothly transition into the main part of your speech.

    For instance, if the toastmaster offers a lighthearted introduction, consider starting with a humorous opening line.

    Injecting Emotions

    It is important to strike a balance between lighthearted humor and sincere emotions to truly capture the essence of the couple’s love and relationship.

    Love is a key element to include in your speech as it is the foundation of any strong marriage.

    To incorporate this emotion, consider sharing a personal anecdote or cherished memory that highlights the bond between the bride and groom.

    Mentioning moments that showcase their emotional support for each other will solidify the message of love.

    Discussing the couple’s relationship and the journey that led them to their marriage can bring out emotions in the audience.

    Reflect on significant milestones, such as their first date or when they decided to take the next step, to paint a vivid picture of their emotional growth.

    By doing so, you provide a glimpse into the couple’s history, making it relatable and heartfelt.

    Talking about the importance of a strong marriage is an excellent way to infuse emotion into your speech.

    Explore the values that the couple holds dear, such as trust, communication, and commitment.

    You can also offer insights from your own experiences or share advice from successful long-term couples to emphasize the significance of these values in a lasting marriage.

    Incorporating emotional moments and personal anecdotes naturally brings sincerity into your best man speech.

    Speak from the heart and share honest thoughts about the bride and groom.

    When expressing emotions, remember to maintain a formal tone and remain respectful, as this will contribute to the overall atmosphere of the wedding celebration.

    By weaving a narrative that focuses on love, relationships, marriage, and sincere emotional moments, your best man speech will be cherished and memorable for the happy couple and their loved ones.

    Adding Personal Touch

    What does a best man need to say?

    Adding a personal touch will create a stronger connection with the audience and demonstrate the close bond between the best man and the groom.

    One way to achieve this personal touch is by sharing personal stories with the audience. These stories should highlight the groom’s best qualities and feats, reflecting your admiration for him.

    For instance, you can mention a story about the groom’s kind-heartedness during a difficult time, or his unwavering commitment to helping others.

    Embarrassing stories can also be incorporated into the speech, as they add humor and evoke laughter from the audience.

    However, it is crucial to strike the appropriate balance between lightheartedness and respect.

    Remember, it’s essential to keep the groom’s image and feelings in mind while sharing amusing anecdotes.

    Regarding the bachelor party, it’s important to note that not all experiences should be revealed in the speech.

    Tread lightly on this topic and only share universal and appropriate insights that can paint a hilarious or memorable picture for guests. Refrain from making any controversial remarks.

    Maintaining Appropriate Length

    The length of a best man speech should be short enough to maintain the audience’s attention while still expressing your thoughts and sentiments effectively.

    It is essential to keep the speech concise; aim for a length of approximately five minutes.

    An overly long speech may risk losing the interest of the audience and overshadowing the main event. Conversely, a speech that is too short may appear insincere and incomplete.

    To achieve the appropriate length, focus on essential elements such as introducing yourself, offering gratitude to the bride and groom, sharing a relevant anecdote about the groom, and providing a few words of wisdom.

    Avoid digressing into unrelated stories or excessively detailed narratives.

    Here are a few tips to help you maintain the appropriate length for your best man speech:

    • Outline your speech first, listing all the main points you wish to cover. This will help you stay focused and prevent unnecessary digression.
    • Time yourself while practicing your speech. If it exceeds the five-minute mark, consider shortening some sections or removing less relevant content.
    • Use impactful language. Employ concise phrasing and avoid excessive filler words to deliver a clear and compelling message.
    • Engage your audience by using an appropriate tone of voice and making eye contact. This will ensure that your message is well-received and appreciated, regardless of the speech’s duration.

    Speech Delivery Tips

    Rehearse multiple times to build your confidence and get comfortable with the flow of your words.

    Remember, public speaking can be nerve-wracking, but with enough practice, you can overcome the feeling of nervousness and deliver your speech with charisma.

    Maintaining the right timing in your speech is crucial to keeping the audience engaged. Make sure your speech is not too long, as it may cause the listeners to lose interest.

    Conversely, avoid making the speech too short, as it may give the impression that you didn’t put in much effort.

    Aim for a speech length of about 5-7 minutes, which is generally considered appropriate for a best man speech.

    When delivering your speech, focus on the following elements:

    • Eye contact: Make eye contact with the audience, especially the bride and groom. This helps convey sincerity and keeps the listeners engaged.
    • Posture: Stand confidently with your shoulders back and your head held high. A strong posture projects confidence and makes you appear more charismatic.
    • Voice projection: Speak loudly enough to be heard by everyone in the room, but avoid shouting. Adjust your volume according to the size of the venue and the number of guests.
    • Pacing: Speak at a comfortable pace, allowing the audience to absorb your words. Pause briefly after each line or key point to give listeners time to react and reflect.

    While delivering your speech, pay attention to the reaction of the audience. If they appear to be enjoying your anecdotes and jokes, continue in the same vein.

    If not, adjust your content and delivery accordingly.

    Also, use body language to your advantage, incorporating gestures, facial expressions, and other non-verbal cues that contribute to your charisma and help convey your message effectively.

    Closing the Speech

    In a best man’s speech, the closing lines are crucial to leave a lasting impression on the audience. It is essential to wrap up the speech with a balance of wit, sincerity, and heartfelt emotions.

    Ending your speech by toasting the bride and groom is an excellent way to show your appreciation, love, and support for the happy couple.

    As the best man, your primary responsibility is to offer congratulations to the newlyweds and express hope for their future together.

    Be genuine in your sentiments because the audience will appreciate an honest and authentic message.

    You can briefly recap the highlights of your speech and align them with the couple’s virtues, values, and unique bond.

    When making a toast, you can choose a quote, a piece of advice, or a personal observation to emphasize your well wishes for the couple’s future.

    Make sure the tone of your toast aligns with the overall theme and atmosphere, leaving the crowd on the same emotional wavelength at your conclusion.

    In your final remarks, ensure the focus remains on the bride and groom, highlighting their love, commitment, and journey together.

    By keeping the conclusion concise, impactful, and centered on the pair, you will evoke a sense of unity and celebration among the guests.

    Final Thoughts

    What do you say to your best man?

    A successful speech is marked by a strong closing, where you raise a toast to the bride and groom, express your congratulations, and convey heartfelt emotions.

    Use these elements to create a memorable closing that leaves a lasting impression on the newlyweds and guests alike.