Does The Father of The Bride Have to Match the Groomsmen?

Should The Father Of The Bride's Attire Match The Groomsmen | does the father of the bride wear a tux?

Ok, so you have given your blessing, you have paid the wedding vendors, you have attended the engagement party, surely now you can put your feet up and watch some sport?

Well, no this is not the case. Have you given any thought as to what you are going to be wearing to the wedding? After all, it is your beloved daughters’ special day, and you need to make sure that you are dressed appropriately.

The parents of the bride play an important role in the union of the bridal couple and although the father of the bride does have a bit of freedom when choosing what to wear, he needs to make sure that he matches the formality and theme of the wedding.

In this article, we will give the father of the bride a little more insight into what he should wear when attending his daughter’s special day. She has more than likely been dreaming of this day since she was a little girl and like her father, you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly for her.

Try To Follow The General Rules

Alright, so as a general rule the father of the bride should at least match the level of formality of the groomsmen.

Does the father of the bride wear a tux?

If the groomsmen are wearing tuxes then the father of the bride should wear a tux, if the groomsmen are wearing suits then this means that you should also be wearing a suit.

In some cases, the bride might like her father to wear a tie that fits the color of the wedding theme or matches the vests that the groomsmen are wearing.

Your daughter may also decide that you should wear the same colors but in a different cut to the groomsmen so that you still match the wedding theme but don’t have an outfit that is identical to the groomsmen.  This is a great idea in which to accentuate the bridal party without everyone looking identical.

In a less formal wedding, the father of the bride may choose to dress a little more formally than the groomsmen but should never dress more formally than the groom. Also, the father of the bride and the father of the groom should match their formality.

Check with the groom as to what he is wearing and make sure that your outfit is not more formal than his. The last thing you want is for the groom to look underdressed when you are standing next to each other.

Sometimes the father of the bride can wear a shirt or tie that matches the mother of the bride’s dress.

The Tuxedo

Generally, if the groom and the groomsmen are renting tuxedos then the father of the bride should do the same. Wedding photos always turn out very well when the father of the bride and groomsmen wear the same style of tuxedos.

The father of the bride should, however, sport a few differences so that he does not look the same as the groomsmen. Try to mix things up a little bit and opt for the same style of tuxedos but in a different color.

The Trusted Suit and Tie

If the wedding is going to be semi-formal, then the father of the bride may choose to wear a classic dark-colored suit with a white shirt and a tie.

Of course, if the wedding is going to be less formal then the father can wear a pressed shirt and dress pants with or without a tie depending on the dress code of the groomsmen.

Tips for The Father of The Bride When Choosing his Wedding Attire

1. Match The Formality of The Wedding

To wear the correct attire you must ask the bride to be the following questions:

  1. Where is the wedding going to be located?
  2. What time of the day will the wedding be?
  3. Will the wedding be black-tie, smart casual, or casual?

Communication is always key and if you make sure to communicate with the bride and groom then this will ensure that everyone is happy at the end of the day.

2. Ask Your Daughter About Her Color Scheme

Yes, this is a serious question. You need to ask your daughter about the color scheme that she has chosen for her wedding.

Although this may not be something that you would normally be interested in, it is a very important question and will help guide you when choosing what color you need to stick to when choosing your wedding attire.

Sticking to a pre-determined color scheme will add tons of value to the photographs that are going to soon be standing on your mantelpiece. Remember dads, this is your daughter’s special day and if her color theme is pink then you are going to have to try and fit in.

3. Don’t Wear The Same As The Groomsmen

You may be thinking to yourself that it would be so easy to wear the same as the groomsmen, but it is important to avoid doing this. The father of the bride plays an entirely different role in the wedding and therefore should stand out from the rest of the wedding party.

Try to add some subtle modifications to your wedding attire so that you fit in with the theme and color of the wedding but stand out from the groomsmen. After all, you raised the bride-to-be, and you deserve to stand out from the rest!

4. Coordinate with But Don’t Match Exactly with The Grooms Father

Get together will the fathers and even stepfathers of the bride and groom to be and make sure that their choice of attire is not going to exactly match yours.

Some uniformity is a good thing, but each father should have a unique look by attempting to add a few subtle differences to their wedding outfits.

5. To Buy Or To Rent

The question of buying or renting a tuxedo or a suit all boils down to what kind of style the father of the bride has.

You might be an executive businessman and already have an array of suits hanging up in your closet. In this case, you may not need to buy a new one provided that the suit or tuxedo is in pristine condition.

If you are the kind of person that never wears a suit or a tuxedo then renting may be the best way to go, especially if you are never going to wear the outfit again.

6. When Unsure, Ask For Help!

While this may all seem a little overwhelming, it is important to ask your daughter or prospective son-in-law for help if you are struggling to find the right attire for the wedding day.

It is your responsibility to look the part for your daughter’s wedding and reaching out for help and guidance will help you feel a little more at ease.

Nobody knows you better than your spouse and your children. The bride-to-be knows what you like and will in most cases be flexible so that you can attend the wedding feeling comfortable and confident at the same time.

7. Don’t Leave Things to The Last Minute

Don’t allow the choice of wedding attire to be left to the last minute. Try to ensure that you go shopping for your suit or tuxedo at least two months before the big event. This will help to make sure that there is enough time to do any alterations if needed before the wedding day.

Try your wedding outfit at least a week before the wedding to make sure that you look picture perfect.