Funny Covid Wedding Favors

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funny covid wedding favors

How could we manage without some humor in our lives, especially during these challenging times that are filled with numerous Covid lockdown protocols and procedures?

Are you planning on tying the knot during Covid? If the answer is yes, then why not add some funny Covid wedding favors with a little humor to the mix?

After all, your wedding is going to go down in history amongst your guests as the wedding that happened during Covid, so why not make it an event to remember with some hilariously funny coronavirus wedding favors!

Did you know that even pretending to laugh releases endorphins and helps to ease anxiety and depression, so imagine what real bouts of laughter at your wedding could do for both you and your guests!

The question you need to ask yourself is where you can get funny wedding favors that are able to shed a little humor on your special day during the pandemic?

There are hundreds of online stores that sell all sorts of wedding favors. If it is a Covid themed favor that you are looking for then you can try Amazon, eBay, Shopify and various other sites to help you find the perfect Corona wedding favors to celebrate your special day.

Here are just some ideas for wedding favors that can help to add some humor to your big day as well as into lives of your guests!

Covid Wedding Favors – Ideas and Inspiration

#1 Personalized Face Masks For Wedding Guests and Bride and Groom

Face masks are unfortunately the new normal for everyone. This is an extremely practical and durable wedding favor gift as it can be worn many times over. You can even personalize your face masks with whatever you would like to.

Your guests will love being able to wear them at the wedding and will no doubt take many take photographs while wearing them to celebrate and remember your wedding day.

Our Top Pick
Pink Princess Bride and Groom Face Mask Set - Bridal Wedding Masks - Made in USA

Pink Princess Bride and Groom Face Mask Set – Bridal Wedding Masks – Made in USA

  • Good quality: this bride and groom face mask is made with 2 plies – both plies are 100% cotton
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Elastic size: the elastic size on these wedding masks is adjustable
  • Great for any wedding

Our Top Pick
Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Masks - Disposable Face Masks (Set of 6)

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Masks – Disposable Face Masks (Set of 6)

  • 6 disposable face masks with different themes, click “Check Price” for more detail.

# 2 Wedding Favor Bags

These cute little bags are perfect for wedding favors and are perfect for food items that need to be individually wrapped due to Covid protocols. They will definitely entice your guests and cause a giggle or two.

You can fill these bags up with sweets or individually wrapped chocolates or wedding cake to celebrate your special day. If funds allow you could even drop in a mini sanitizer to add to your Covid theme.

# 3 Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Nowadays all people are making use of hand sanitizer. A personalized hand sanitizer bottle can be the perfect wedding favor. These are perfect for weddings that are taking place amidst the Covid crisis and can be made to look unique and fancy.

This is a practical wedding favor and will definitely be used on a regular basis by your guests. You can personalize these hand sanitizers with a funny quote as well as the bride and grooms’ names and the date of your wedding.

# 4 Personalized Tissue Packs

Personalized tissue packs are the perfect wedding favor for your Covid wedding. These favors can be inexpensive and totally practical!

Personalize them with a funny Covid quote, your names, and the date of your wedding day. Perfect for teary eyes, allergies, or the sniffles ….

The sniffles you get from crying not from Covid! When it comes to wiping those eyes and noses, these gifts are ideal.

# 5 The Covid Emergency Pack

How about a handmade hangover bag as a wedding favor! Fill these bags with Vitamin C, mints, hand wipes, paracetamol tablets (to curb the after-wedding hangover) and sanitizer.

You can also choose to buy them prepacked from where they contain the following:

  • 1 Customized Packet with 2 Advil tablets
  • 1 Customized Packet with 2 Alka-Seltzer tablets
  • 1 Customized Emergen-C fizzy drink mix packet
  • 1 Customized Mint
  • 1 Customized Wine wipe
  • 1 Handmade hair tie

# 6 The Change of Plans Pot Plant

Sadly, many couples had to reschedule their wedding days due to the hard lockdown that Covid brought with it. There seemed to be no end in sight, and couples were not allowed to have more than 100 people at their weddings, leaving them no choice but to postpone.

The change of plans pot plants are the perfect wedding favor and can be personalized with the date that the wedding was supposed to be as opposed to the date that the wedding actually happened.

Although it may not have been a laughing matter for the couple when the wedding had to be postponed, it will be a reminder of how they pushed through Covid and eventually had their dream wedding.

# 7 Customized Wedding Can Coolers

These personalized can coolers are an extremely fun wedding favor and can be used by your guests for many years to come. These are normally very affordable for the bridal couple and fun for their guests.

They are perfect for an outdoor wedding, look great, and can be made to fit in totally with your wedding theme. Your guests will be able to crack open a cold one and celebrate your wedding day in style!

And that’s a wrap. We hope that you enjoyed our roundup of Covid-19 wedding favor ideas.

Happy planning and stay safe!