What Should A Guest Wear To A Courthouse Wedding?

What Should A Guest Wear To A Courthouse Wedding?

An extravagant, large wedding is often how a couple wants to celebrate their wedding nuptials.

With this being said, many other couples decide that a smaller low-key wedding like a courthouse wedding is really what they are looking for.

The reasons for this could be due to financial constraints or quite simply the fact that they would rather have a more intimate ceremony with those who are nearest and dearest to them.

While most people know how to dress for bigger weddings if you have never been invited to a courthouse wedding before you may find the dress code to be slightly different from that of a traditional wedding ceremony.

In this article, we will discuss what a guest should wear to a courthouse wedding as well as what they need to take into consideration before deciding on their outfits.

The Dress Code for A Courthouse Wedding

The word “casual” can be a bit confusing as the guest may wonder what attire is best to wear in this case.

The wedding guest does not want to arrive at the wedding dressed too casually but at the same time, they do not want to be overdressed especially if the rest of the guests are going to be dressed in relatively casual attire.

In most cases, however, a guest does not have to show up in a black-tie outfit to the courthouse but should look smart enough to fit in with the public official’s office.

The general rule of thumb is to dress as if you were going into the office or slightly more casual if your office attire is made up of a full suit and tie.

T-shirts and jeans, however, are not recommended for a courthouse wedding.

Any of the following outfits are perfect for a courthouse wedding:

  • Pants or skirt suit
  • A formal dress (not too formal)
  • Business casual wear
  • Slacks and a sports coat
  • A sundress
  • A smart bouse and skirt combination

Examples: Male Courthouse Wedding Guest


Examples: Female Courthouse Wedding Guest


What A Guest Should Consider

There are few things to consider when you have been invited as a guest to a courthouse wedding:

1. Will The Ceremony Be Taking Place in a Public Officials’ Office?

People who work at a public official’s office tend to dress quite formally.

This doesn’t mean that the wedding guests must dress up as smartly as they would when attending a traditional wedding, it just means that they may need to step it up a notch and keep it smart casual, and neat. Again. No jeans or t-shirts.

2. Remember That It is Still A Wedding!

Bear in mind that this is still a special day and should be treated as such. It is common sense to dress accordingly to show respect to the bride and groom.

3. Focus on Colors

Wearing white is a no-go! White is reserved for the bride irrelevant of whether it is a traditional or courthouse wedding ceremony.

This is out of respect for the bride as it is her wedding, and she should be the only one wearing white.

A guest should also try to avoid wearing black as much as possible as this is a color that is commonly associated with mourning.

If a guest wants to wear black then it would be a good idea to wear a black dress or suit with colorful shoes, ties, or handbags complimented with a nice smart handbag and a sparkly necklace.

4. Speak To The Bride and Groom Before The Wedding

A good idea would be for the wedding guest to converse with the bride and groom before the day of the wedding.

If they are determined to keep the ceremony as casual as possible then their guests should do the same.

Hairstyles And Accessories That Can Be Worn To A Civil Wedding

Everyone loves accessories. The good news is that at a courthouse wedding guests can still add some accessories to their outfits.

It is important, however, to avoid wearing too many accessories or they may look out of place and possibly take the limelight away from the bride and groom.

Accessories such as hats and pretty headpieces are perfect for a civil ceremony. It is important to remember however that less is more.

When it comes to hair, a braided style or a loose bun is perfect to give the guest a formal yet casual and spontaneous look at the same time.