Lounge Furniture Rental Cost for Weddings

Lounge Furniture Rental Cost for Weddings

When a couple gets married the bride and grooms’ friends and family gets together to celebrate as one unit and the reception is a great place for family members who have never met before to meet and mingle with each other to get to know the other side of the family.

One of the best ways to get guests to dance, drink and have a good time together is to make a part of the wedding reception an area where they can sit comfortably and converse with each other.

A wedding lounge area is a wonderful way to do this while at the same time adding comfort, elegance, and style to the wedding reception.

With such an intimate and comfortable-looking setting at the wedding reception, guests will gravitate towards it as they take a break from dancing and look for a comfortable place to sit.

In this article, we are going to discuss rental prices of lounge furniture for weddings as well as why these types of settings can make the wedding unique. We will also look at a few ways in which to set up your lounge area to make it fit in with your wedding theme while at the same time making them as comfortable as possible for the guests.

Make Your Wedding Reception Unique with Lounge Furniture

You want your wedding reception lounge area to be unique and customize it to the theme of your wedding.

If you are having an outdoor wedding then you will be able to set up more than one lounge area so that your guests can lounge around, have a drink and get to know the other guests in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

If you are lucky enough to have a large indoor reception area, then this is also the perfect way to add in two or three lounging stations giving the guests more reason to put their feet up and mingle with other guests that they have never met before.

How to Choose the Perfect Lounge Furniture for Your Wedding

Wedding lounge areas are ideally fitted with comfortable lounge furniture, elegant coffee tables, chandeliers, and maybe even some ottomans. A lounge area will also work well if it is set up near the bar so that it is easy for guests to get up and order another drink and then return to where they were sitting.

The lounge furniture should always compliment the theme of your wedding. This is an important aspect to bear in mind when it comes to choosing the perfect lounge furniture for your wedding.

Take for example if you are having a beach wedding. The best way to compliment this type of wedding would be to place some luxurious Adirondack chairs around a fire pit right in the middle of the beach.

You can even look at the season that you are throwing your wedding in. If your wedding is going to be thrown in Winter, you can add some elegant blankets to your lounge furniture so that the guests can sit down to warm themselves up a bit.

If you are getting married on Valentine’s day, why not add some Valentine’s day treats or décor to your lounge area to celebrate your wedding and the tradition of Valentine’s Day. You can do the same with a Christmas wedding and add green and red furniture or an array of fake gifts sitting under a Christmas tree.

Rental Cost for Wedding Lounge Furniture

Wedding lounge areas are the perfect place in which to take some fun family photographs and create a wonderful addition to your wedding reception. But at what cost? 

The most expensive piece of furniture that the bridal couple is going to need to rent is the lounge chairs. Rental prices may vary depending on the size and style of the furniture that is going to be needed to complement the wedding theme.

The most expensive lounge chairs to rent are couches or the settee. The current rental price trend for this piece of furniture is between $150 and $250 to rent. It is important to note that you can shop around for rental furniture that is cheaper to rent and still make it look elegant.

Let’s look at the other items that you are going to need for your lounge area and what rental price you would normally expect to pay for these items:

For coffee tables, you can expect to pay between $45 – $75 per table.

Comfy chairs are normally rented for about $70 – $100 per chair.

Chandeliers will come at an additional cost of about $250 – $300 per chandelier.

Additional Fees You May Not Know About

Probably the best advice that the bridal couple can take is to make sure that they read all the terms and conditions of the rental contract before signing off on the wedding lounge furniture!

  • Ask the company that you are renting from how much the damage deposit is going to be as well as what would constitute damage to the furniture.
  • Find out if you would just have to pay for the cleaning of the furniture or if you must replace the furniture that has been damaged.
  • Ask them who will be assessing the furniture for damage after the reception.
  • Be sure to find out about insurance. Check with your venue if the rental company is insured to work at the venue.
  • Find out more about the delivery and pick-up fee as these are going to come at an additional charge and can be quite costly.

Tips on How to Create the Perfect Wedding Lounge Area

Once you have got the financial implications and any legalities out of the way then it is time to plan ways in which to make the best of your wedding lounge area!

1. Tell the Guests That It is There

Alright, so the guests are excited, they are attending a wedding and most people love weddings. They may not take note of the lounge area or possibly think that it is being used for something else during the wedding.

Before entering the reception ask the Master of Ceremonies to let the guests know that after dinner and the other formalities, they are welcome to put their feet up in the lounge areas that have been provided.

2. Try to Match Your Wedding Theme

The wedding area should ideally match the theme of your reception, so it is important to match the wedding furniture as close as possible to the colors and theme of your wedding.

3. Make Use of Flower Arrangements

Add a few flower arrangements that match the arrangements on your wedding tables. This will help you to tie in with your wedding theme. You can also save money by using the same flower arrangements that were used in the church for your lounge reception areas.

4. Comfort is Key

The wedding reception lounge area is where your guests are going to go to get comfortable and have a rest, especially if they have been dancing the night away! You need to make sure that the furniture is more comfortable than the wedding reception dining chairs.

Try to add in some cozy pillows or bean bags to make the area homely and comfortable for the guests. Your wedding reception lounge area can also be made up of both single and double chairs, perfect for couples or single friends who want to sit in their own chairs.

5. Don’t Forget the Tables!

If the lounge chairs are not equipped with tables for the guest to put their drinks down on you are going to find them making their way back to the dining table.

At the same time, you also do not want to add to the risk of the furniture being messed on by guests who are trying to balance their drinks on the chairs that they are sitting on. Remember to add some coasters to the tables so that they are protected from any potential damage.

Tables are a must and very important to add to your rental list if you expect the guests to make proper use of the lounge reception area.