What Is The Luckiest Month to Get Married?

What Is The Luckiest Month to Get Married?

Before you start looking for vendors and viewing wedding venues you need to establish which month you are going to be getting married.

Choosing your wedding month is one of the first steps in the wedding planning process and can influence a variety of things such as the dress you are going to wear, the colors you are going to choose, and the type of food you are going to serve on the day.

All couples have their ideas as to what method they are going to use to decide their wedding date.

Some couples are superstitious and tend to stick to dates that they feel will bring them long-lasting luck and prosperity, while others chose their wedding date depending on their star signs.

In many cases, a couple will choose their wedding date simply depending on the season that they would like to get married in.

Either way, if you are a couple that wants to find the luckiest month in which to get married, this article is for you.

In this article, we will give you some ideas on what months are the luckiest months in which to get married according to historical, astrological, and weather dependent factors.

1. If You Are Superstitious

Folklore says that July is an unlucky month to host the wedding of your dreams. This will not impact a couple who is not superstitious, but if you are then this may be a month to avoid.

 “Marry when June roses blow, Overland and sea you’ll go, those who in July do wed must labor for their daily bread” is a rhyme that dates to American folklore from the 1930s.

It has also been said that those who marry in July will endure marriages that are “crisscrossed with sunshine and shadow”.

On the other hand, people living in the early 20th century were more concerned about getting married in May as this was thought to be one of the unluckiest months to wed.

Another old rhyme that says, “Marry in the month of May and you’ll live to rue the day” makes May one of the worst months in which to get married if you are superstitious.

Meanwhile in Europe during the 15th-century weddings were often dictated by the Christian Feast Calendar.

This book stated that January was not a good time to get married as there were seven sacred days in January that did not allow marriage. In this book, October was declared the best month in which to wed.

2. Perhaps it is Written in the Stars?

If your life is not particularly ruled by superstition, then why not look to the stars for guidance.

If you are big on astrology and understand the signs as they relate to you and your partner’s personalities, then perhaps getting married in the month that is best suited to your star sign is the way to go.

Getting married according to your star sign can create a lovely and personalized wedding ceremony as well as reflect on who you are as a person.

Deciding on your wedding day month according to your star sign can significantly help to fill in any gaps and give you some ideas as to how you can plan your wedding day.


Months: June or November

Astrology says that the Taurus star sign appreciates the finer things in life. When it comes to weddings this would mean that they would like to have their wedding in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

It has been said that people who fall under the sign of Taurus like to stay true to their commitments and create relationships that as steadfast, successful, and long-lasting.

A wedding in June or November can provide the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding and equally stunning wedding photographs. Perfect for the Taurus sign!


Month: July

A person who falls under the Capricorn star sign is said to be extremely serious and likes to see progress through hard work.

Choosing a month to get married should be based on the most relaxed time of your year so that they can concentrate on other things besides work.

The best month for this star sign to get married in would have to be July. According to your star sign, the month of July is the perfect month in which for you to rejuvenate your energy levels and start building the foundation to starting a strong and happy home life.


Months: July or January

Cancer signs by nature are extremely family and home orientated. These star signs can get extremely attached to the people in their lives.

Having a wedding in their birthday month together with their loved ones is the best time for this star sign to get married.


Months: December or February

Sagittarius people are known to be very inspiring people by nature. They are loved by all and exhibit a vibrant and fun nature.

They love to have new experiences and enjoy different activities. Constant fun and stimulation are what they stand for!

These star signs love to explore and travel and often a destination wedding is one that they should gravitate towards.

Unfortunately, having a destination wedding can prevent some friends and family from being able to join you on your special day.

If a destination wedding is not possible then another option would be to get married in February so that you can still enjoy the company of those that are special to you.

You can then still choose a fun destination which to go for your Honeymoon!


Month:  February

This star sign likes to go with the flow and does not give too much thought to plan events which makes them able to pick any random wedding date and just go with it!

This star sign does not like predictability and can get bored very easily.

If an Aquarius does decide on a month to get married, then February is probably the best month for them to get married.

This month is their month and can create the inspiration for them to follow new opportunities and take the next step towards married life with the one that they love.


Month: March

Pisces people have been dreaming about their wedding since the day that they were born! They have envisioned their wedding as one that will be intense and emotional.

This star sign is extremely good at establishing new relationships and creating deep bonds with others.

March is the best month to choose to have a wedding if you are a Pisces. What would be more emotional and intense than having a wedding in the same month that they were born!


Months: April or October

Full of energy, restless, and not happy to deal with delays in the planning of a wedding would best describe an Aries.

In this case, this star sign should choose April or October as a date to get started on their wedding planning.

These months will create inspiration and help the Aries person and their partner to organize an amazing wedding.


Month: December

This star sign is forever overthinking so getting married in the same month as their birthday month could be a little too much for them to process.

Gemini people are constantly changing their minds and tend to get distracted when they have too much going on in their lives.

Bearing this in mind, December is the best time for a Gemini to get married.


Month: August or February

The Leo star sign loves attention and will want the wedding to be focused on them. Being both dramatic, fun, and outgoing they are hard to go unnoticed.

Having a Winter wedding in August or a Summer wedding in February can help this star sign to make sure that all eyes are on them!

With Valentine’s day being in February this is also a good month to choose as emotions will be high and their wedding will reflect the love that they have for their partners and themselves!


Month: March or September

March and September mark the beginning of a new season and a typical Virgo who is known for their daily routines, perfectionism and schedules will love the thought of having their wedding just in time to see in the new season.

Planning their wedding for the same month as their birth month will go a long way in ensuring that the Virgo can perfect every detail to plan and have the perfect wedding.


Month: October

Libras are known for their friendly nature, charm, and loyalty. People are drawn to them as they are all about keeping harmony and maintaining peace in any situation.

The ideal date for a Libra wedding would be their birth month so that they can start their marriage and their lives with a peaceful and tranquil start.


Months: November or May

The Scorpio star sign tends to be quite jealous and intense. This is especially true when it comes to their partners and the people that they love.

This sign should plan their wedding on their birth month but be careful not to let their emotions get the better of them.

A Scorpio needs to hold themselves together if they encounter any jealousy and trust issues during the planning of the wedding.

Getting married in May is also a good option as during this time they will be surrounded by love and affection.

3. None of The Above: Ignoring Superstition and Astrology

If you have decided that both superstition and astrologically influenced weddings are not for you then you can choose your wedding date according to the months that are recognized as popular and lucky months to get married in.

December, January, and February are the least popular wedding months as in many parts of the country this month falls during Winter and can mean an increased chance of snow and extremely cold weather.

There are, however, still pros to having a wedding in Winter as some vendors like to offer discounted rates during the off-season.

If you are looking for affordability, then getting married during the off-season can be extremely beneficial.

May Weddings

Getting married in the Springtime! Always considered an extremely romantic month in which to get married due to the beautiful flower choices and less chance of rainfall. 

May is always a popular wedding month and many couples chose this month due to the warmer weather and good feelings that are associated with Spring.

Peak wedding season often starts in May and runs until October. If you have decided that May is the month that you would like to get married, then you may have to pick your wedding venue and other vendors way in advance to avoid any disappointment.

June Weddings

June temperatures are often milder than July and August so if you are looking at having a wedding in the most comfortable weather season then June is a popular choice.

A June wedding brings with it a feeling of relaxation and is often when most of your guests are on their vacations.

August Weddings

August is typically a vacation month and one of the warmest months of the year. If you love the holiday vibe and hot weather, then August is certainly a month to look at.

One of the only problems with having your wedding in August is that it can be the peak of the hurricane season for some areas such as the East Coast.

September Weddings

Many couples get married in the Fall, and September is one of the most popular wedding months of them all.

The reason for this is that September gives you the feeling of Fall while at the same time still offering warm and sunny weather to most parts of the country.

October Weddings

For many years October has been one of the most popular months in which to get married. October offers the couple a comfortable and cozy vibe, an amazing setting for photographs, fruit, flowers and so much more.

The month of October gives the bride a chance to choose exciting Fall wedding themes and experiment with many colors when choosing her wedding décor.

# 4 If You Are Looking Solely At the Weather

Weatherwise, June, September, and October are often the best months to plan a wedding with June being the most popular month due to the milder weather.

The wedding season normally falls during late spring into early fall.

Each season, however, brings with it its own pros and cons so it is best to think about these pros and cons before deciding on the season that you are going to get married in.

It is important to also look at the location of your wedding as each state is different and can have also have different weather patterns.

Spring Weddings

Spring is one of the most welcoming times in which to host your special day. It is not too cold, it is not too hot, it is just the perfect way to emerge from the dreariness of the Winter months in with a beautiful Spring wedding!

Spring does not usually coincide with many calendar events and will normally have a wonderful attendance of guests.

Friends and family will welcome the event after being stuck indoors during the cold winter months.

The only problem with a Spring wedding is that the weather can be unpredictable as there are sometimes still a few cold snaps that may happen during the Spring season and it can be a bit of a gamble.

Unfortunately, Spring tends to fall under the “in season” category when it comes to wedding venues and vendors so you could very well still end up paying more and having to make sure that you book your wedding vendors in time.

Summer Weddings

By the time May and June arrive wedding season is in full swing as these hot Summer months are filled with long days, warm weather, and vacation time which makes it a lot easier for your wedding guests to take some time off to attend the wedding without having to worry about work and school schedules.

Pros of a Summer Wedding

  • Summer holidays are different from the Winter ones as guests often have a little more budget available to travel and pay for accommodation and wedding gifts.
  • Summer brings with it a variety of flowers that are flowering in the season giving the bride a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to her floral décor and wedding bouquet design.

Cons of A Summer Wedding

  • With Summer being the hottest season of the year rising temperatures can cause both bride, groom, and guests to become very hot and sticky especially when they are dressed in formal wear.
  • Most venues and vendors are going to be hard to book and tend to be pricier than they would be during the cooler months of the year.

Guest’s vacation plans may conflict with your wedding date and impact guest attendance. To conquer this hurdle, make sure to send out save the dates a few months before the wedding is due to take place.

Fall Weddings

There is something to be said about the falling leaves and cool air during a Fall wedding. With so much beauty all around to create a stunning wedding setting, who could possibly want more?

A fall wedding allows the bride and groom to choose from various themes, allows for cooler temperatures than that of a Summer wedding, and can be extremely festive and beautiful.

The cons to having a Fall wedding can, however, include the following factors:

  • Possible conflicts with the start of a new school year
  • Fewer flowers to choose from when it comes to flower arrangements and décor.
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Football season

Winter Weddings

Despite the chill in the air, a winter wedding can be a beautiful and glamourous affair filled with fireplaces, snow, lounge furniture covered in warm blankets, and beautiful winter landscapes.

Most wedding vendors will lower their rates during the Winter season which can make the thought of a Winter wedding seem a lot more appealing to the wedding hosts!

Although there may be less greenery, there are still ample photo opportunities especially if it is a Winter wedding with snow. Alternatively, the couple can take wedding photographs inside the venue.

Most wedding venues have very attractive indoor facilities that can make for the perfect wedding photo session.

A Winter wedding thrown during the holidays can, however, bring other problems such as traveling expenses for those guests who need to get to your wedding during the holiday season.

Other Wedding Month Considerations

Some couples may want a more personalized wedding experience and will choose a month that gives them the chance to express their own likes and interests in every aspect of the planning process.

Other couples may consider hosting their wedding on a date that has personal significance to them as a couple. This can be the month that they met or perhaps the month that they decided to start officially dating.

For some couples, it could be as simple as choosing the month that makes them feel the happiest.