What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Wedding

What Colors Should You Not Wear To A Wedding (In 2022)

Wedding etiquette and traditions have evolved.

Some actions and mannerisms that were once considered taboos can now fly, provided the couple doesn’t mind.

However, some actions (like wearing the wrong color) can still stir the crowd and cause you to stand out like a sore thumb.

Although some couples request that guests follow a specific color scheme, others throw the door wide open.

And while it’s perfectly normal to want to dress up and look your best at a wedding, you also have to be careful not to upstage the couple.

It’s their day, after all, and all eyes should be on them.

When figuring out what colors not to wear at a wedding, it’s always better to stay away from colors that would attract too much attention to yourself.

Experts suggest males stick with formal tones like brown, gray, tan, or cool shades of blue and green, but females have a larger spectrum to choose from.

When choosing your outfit, avoid these colors:

White And Any Colors Close To White 

Colors you can and cannot wear in a wedding

White is traditionally considered the color of the bride. Hence, attending a wedding in white may come off as offensive or rude.

Apart from white, you should also avoid colors like ivory, beige, off-white, cream, or eggshell.

These colors are too close to white and may be mistaken for white when the lights are dim. Extremely light shades of pastel colors like blue, pink, and yellow are also a no-no.

Here’s a helpful tip if you’d like to go with light shades of pastel colors. Try taking a picture of your outfit in the sunlight.

If it comes out as almost white, you probably should pick another color.

Nevertheless, you can wear white, or any of the colors stated above if the couple specifically requests for it or if your dress has bold patterns with other colors.


Several cultures attribute black to death and mourning, so except on request, you’re better off leaving your LBD in the closet.

It doesn’t help that most people take black as a sign of bad luck and could misinterpret your wearing black as a sign of disapproval.

Of course, this is not to say that you can’t add a touch of black to your outfit.

Male guests, for example, can go for a black suit, provided the shirt and tie aren’t all black. 

In addition, you could also wear a black dress or black suit if the wedding is a formal evening event.


Attending a wedding all decked out in gold may be too much of a show stopper. There’s a large chance that it could steal the spotlight.

Asides from being too loud, colors like gold and champagne are often reserved for the bride’s mom.

Furthermore, non-traditional brides have been known to opt for lighter shades of beige(gold and champagne) instead of white.

So while that champagne or gold dress is quite the number, you’re better off wearing something less controversial to avoid awkward moments like twinning with the bride’s mom or, worse still, the bride herself.


Another color you’d like to avoid is silver.

Asides from being too bright and eye-catching, silver is also close to white (some might even say it’s a metallic variant of white).

A non-traditional fashion-forward bride might decide to go for a silver gown instead. 

Glittery Or Sparkly Colors

Weddings are formal events, and sparkly or glittery colors may come off as too much or downright tacky.

They’re too eye-catching and can cause you to stand out like a sore thumb.

Nonetheless, sparkly shoes or accessories are perfectly acceptable for evening weddings.


Red is considered the bride’s color in many Asian cultures; consequently, wearing red to the wedding may come off as you trying to steal the show.

Even for western weddings, red is a rather bold and intense color (one that makes it pretty difficult to blend in).

If you must wear red, go for softer shades that help you maintain subtlety and fit in with the other guests.

Neon Colors

Neon-colored outfits are perfect for a night out on the town but can come off as tacky and downright blinding at a wedding.

Remember that the goal is to look elegant yet subtle. A neon outfit would defeat this.

Why not opt for pastel colors instead?

The Bridesmaids Color

What color to wear at a wedding as a guest

If you can, we suggest you find out the color the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing.

It might be awkward showing up looking like one of the bridesmaids.  


Never wear Demin to a wedding, even if its theme is casual. There is no excuse to pull up in your favorite faded jeans or overalls.

If you must incorporate denim into your outfit, consider dressing down an otherwise overly formal attire with a denim jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Colors

What’s the safest color to wear to a wedding?

Navy blue is the safest color to wear to a wedding. It fits all skin tones and goes well with all seasons.

It’s also a suitable option if you’d like to wear something dark but would rather not wear black.

What colors can I wear for a summer wedding?

For a summer wedding, bold and bright colors like turquoise, Fuschia pink, and yellow are an excellent pick for reflecting the season’s warmth.

Final Thoughts

These colors are traditionally unacceptable unless the couple specifically requests them.

If you’re still unsure of what to wear, consider asking other guests what they plan to wear or, better still, asking the couple straight up. 

Considering the couple’s taste and the weather would also go a long way in helping you blend right in.