Who Pays for the Bridal Shower? The Etiquette Lowdown

Who Pays for the Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers are one of the best parts of getting married! A bridal shower gives the soon-to-be bride’s family, friends, and work colleagues a chance to meet and get to know each other before the big event.

So, who pays for the bridal shower? The hosts of the bridal shower pay for it. More on this below.

Bridal showers are usually filled with fun games, delicious food, happiness, and laughter. The bride will get gifts from the guests attending the event and the guests will often get trinkets, prizes, and favors from this pre-wedding event.

If you have never had the privilege of joining or hosting a bridal shower before then it usually a good idea to do some research on bridal shower etiquette. There is not a right or wrong way in which to host a bridal shower, but it is a good idea to adhere to some etiquette guidelines.

In this article, we will talk about the hosting and planning of a bridal shower as well as how much bridal showers usually cost.

What Is a Bridal Shower?

First things first. What is a bridal shower? Quite simply, a bridal shower is an event that is thrown in honor of the bride-to-be to celebrate her impending marriage. Guests attending a bridal shower usually shower the bride with gifts such as lingerie, bath products, and gifts for the home.

Normally the person hosting the event should chat with the bride before organizing the party and find out about some of her preferences. Some brides will embrace new styles and trends while others may opt for a more traditional bridal shower.

Traditionally bridal showers are held during the day and are an event for ladies only to honor the bride-to-be. A traditional bridal shower consists of food, beverages, games, and gifts given to the bride to be by her guests.

Who Plans, Pays for, And Hosts for The Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honor, bridesmaids, or close friends. The bride’s mother-in-law or any other relatives from the groom’s side of the family should not be involved in hosting the event.

Some bridal showers may be a surprise for the bride, but it is normally better to confirm what her preferences are as well as what date and time are best for her. Remember the bride will already be following a busy weekend schedule in preparation for the wedding.

After confirming with the bride to be then it is up to the host to put the whole thing together and make the event as memorable as possible!

In most situations, the hosts of the bridal shower will be the ones to pay for the event. It is not good practice to ask guests to contribute towards the shower and it is generally not done.

If you have decided to host the bridal shower but you are worried about the costs, then you are well within your rights to speak to the other members of the bridal party and ask for assistance with the costs and the responsibilities.

The Cost of Hosting A Bridal Shower

In most instances, a bridal shower can cost anywhere from $15 to $40 per head all depending on the type of shower you are planning to throw. If you have the money and you can throw a shower a little more elaborate, then the cost per head will land up being more.

The first step is to talk to the other members of the bridal party and set a budget as to how much you can spend on the bridal shower.

Even if you cannot spend a lot in your capacity it is quite acceptable for the mother of the bride and other members of the bridal party to help you pay the bill. This is especially true if the bride-to-be is expecting an extravagant bridal shower.

The next step is to ask the bride who she would like to have attend her bridal shower. The more people attending the event, the more expensive it is going to be.

The general rule of thumb is that you need not invite all of the ladies that are going to be at the wedding to the bridal shower. At the same time, you should also not invite anyone who has not been invited to or cannot attend the actual wedding.

Bridal Shower Check List

There are a few things that you need to make sure of before you go full steam ahead. The following are general guidelines to help you prepare to host the best bridal shower ever.

1. Set A Budget

Before you get overexcited and go overboard you have to set a budget. While it is only natural for you to want to spoil the bride, you have to make sure that you are not going to put yourself in a financially problematic situation once all is said and done.

2. Choose A Date

In most cases, a bridal shower takes place two or three months before the wedding is due to take place.

Remember to speak to the bride and allow her to give you some dates that she is free so that she can plan her other appointments with vendors around these dates.

3. Do the Guest List

Now that you have set a budget and secured a date it is time for you to ask the bride to be for a list of people that she would like to attend her bridal shower.

Remember to get contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses for each guest from the bride.

4. Decide on a Venue

Once you have a finalized the guest count it is time to decide what venue you are going to use. The location of the venue will depend on what budget has been set as well as how many guests are going to be attending the shower.

Traditionally bridal showers are held at the home of the host. If, however, you feel that the number of guests that have been invited will not fit into your home then you can ask a close relative of the bride for the use of their home instead.

Alternatively, a bridal shower can be held at a restaurant or any other venue. Some valuable advice would be to also ask the bride for her opinion as she may have some ideas of her own on what venue she would like.

5. Choose a Theme that Fits the Bride

Here comes the fun part! It is time to set a theme. Although this is not a must-do it is a wonderful way in which to make the day more memorable for all involved.

6. Send Out Invitations

It is good etiquette to purchase and send out the bridal shower invitations no less than six weeks before the event is due to take place. It is important to give the guests time to schedule the event and purchase a gift for the event.

7. Decide on The Menu

When designing a menu for the bridal shower it is important that you take the bride’s likes and dislikes into account. For example, if the bride-to-be is a vegetarian then make sure that you have plenty of vegetarian options available. After all, this party is being thrown to honor her!

8. Organize Décor and Games

Now it is time to shop for decorations. There are so many décor items available for bridal showers so whether it is balloons and tassels that you are looking for or flowers and candles you will more than likely be able to find it all.

Don’t forget the games! Look around for games that will entertain your guests and help them to break the ice!

Décor and Theme Ideas For A Bridal Shower

The Tea Party

Serve an array of flavored tea for your guests along with pastries and delicacies to complement the tea party. Ladies can dress formally or informally, all up to the bride and you can even go so far as to play some classical music to make it extra fancy.

The Wine Party

Alright, so not all ladies are tea drinkers. Some, including the bride, would much prefer a nice wine-tasting party. This can be held at a winery and snacks such as cheese and biscuits can be offered on tasteful-looking platters. Add some fitting décor and you are all set!

The Tournament Party

This is a really good idea if you have an energetic and athletic bride to be. You can throw a tournament with games together in your garden! All you will need is a lawn and some enjoyable yet competitive games for all ages.

Serve some interesting cocktails along with easy-to-handle finger snacks and refreshments. After all, who wants to eat a 5-course meal during a tournament!

The Garden Party

For this bridal shower, all you need is a pretty garden and good weather!! Your décor can transport your guest’s minds to the countryside, and they can even dress up in floral dresses to fit the part. Cocktails can be served while the guests enjoy finger snacks or a wholesome country meal.

The Moulin Rouge Lingerie Bridal Shower

Moulin Rouge-themed bridal showers are usually an absolute blast for the more liberal bride to be with an array of finger foods being passed around by men with no shirts on.

Ask your guests to come to the shower dressed in moulin rouge-themed outfits and remember to take a lot of photos. These will be cherished by the bride to be forever!

Moulin Rouge décor can be items such as white candles, black tablecloths, and black and red balloons. Tables can also be displayed with tall vases of red roses to make up a stunning moulin rouge theme