Do I Need To Take My Wedding Ring Off At Airport Security?

Do I Need To Take My Wedding Ring Off At Airport Security?

A wedding ring holds strong emotional significance, as it represents the enduring bond of dedication, faithfulness, and affection shared by a married couple.

So it makes sense for you not to feel too comfortable taking it off at airport security.

If you’ve been wondering, “do I need to take my wedding ring off at airport security?”  The answer is no.

Read on to find out:

  • How you can keep your ring on at airport security
  • How to pack your ring for travel
  • And tips on keeping your ring safe during your trip

What The TSA Says

Do rings go off in airport security?

As a general rule of thumb, you do not need to take off your wedding ring or any jewelry when passing through the screening machine.

Worn jewelry rarely sets off the screening machine.

In truth, the TSA ( Transport Security Administration Association in charge of screening travelers’ luggage at the airport) advises travelers to keep their rings on at airport security.

Rings are small and can easily be misplaced or stolen from the bin, and such an occurrence would slow down the queue.

This is especially applicable to small, non-metallic jewelry (e.g., your wedding band). You see, the screening machine works on the principle of magnetism.

So objects made from nonmetallic materials like platinum, sterling silver, and gold are not detectable.

Still, there are exceptions to this rule: metallic or bulky jewelry is very likely to trip off the detector and, as such, should be left in your carry-on.

You can always put them back on after you’ve been screened.

So yes, you can leave your ring on at airport security.

However, if you prefer leaving it off, then you should pack it in your carry-on bag to ensure it’s secure while in transit. Here’s how…

How To Pack Your Ring For Travel

If you’d rather not wear your ring during the flight, you should pack it properly, so you don’t lose or damage it in transit. 

  • Use a ring box: the first and most obvious way of keeping your ring in good condition while traveling is to keep it in a solid ring box. If you like, you could also use pieces of cotton wool to cushion it. 
  • Wrap it in a towel: if you can’t get your hands on a ring box, you can also wrap the ring in a towel, place the towel in a Ziploc bag and position it securely in your carry-on. 
  • Use a hard-sided case: A hard-sided case like a cookie tin or a thick-backed box can also prove handy. But be sure to provide some cushion in it as well. 
  • Lastly, if your ring isn’t prone to damage or tangling, a simple jewelry pouch embedded securely in your carry-on could do the trick. 

Pointers On Keeping Your Ring Safe While Traveling 

Can I wear my ring through airport security?

After you’ve made it past airport security, you still need to ensure you don’t lose your ring on the trip.

Here are some pointers on keeping your ring safe during your trip. 

1. Listen To Your Gut

The most important thing you can do when trying to keep your ring safe on a trip is to listen to your gut.

If you’ve got a nagging feeling you’re better off leaving your ring at home, you probably should listen.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

In fact, it’s not unusual for couples to go on trips, vacations, and even their honeymoon without their wedding rings.

Pro Tip: if you decide to leave your ring at home, keep it somewhere really safe. A safety deposit box or safe is a great idea. 

2. Inspect Your Ring Before Your Trip

It pays to get your ring inspected before going on your trip (especially if it’s a vacation).

Fixing issues such as ill-fitting bands and loose stones reduces the chances of your ring falling off or getting damaged while you’re away.

3. Make Sure Your Ring Is Insured 

This, in my opinion, is one of the most important steps to take when traveling with your ring.

We’re not hoping for anything bad to happen, but insuring your ring will give you peace of mind, just in case. 

4. Do Not Wear Your Ring When Doing Very Physical Activities

You could lose or damage your wedding ring when participating in activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, or intense sport.

Hence, you should leave your ring off when going for such activities. 

Water activities such as kayaking, swimming, beach-going, and even pool sitting are also off the list. 

Your ring could easily slip off because cold water causes your fingers to shrink.

In addition, pool water contains chlorine which can damage metals like gold and platinum. 

5. Keep Your Ring Safe When You’re Not Wearing It

Lastly, don’t just leave your wedding ring hanging around your hotel room when you’re not wearing it.

Instead, lock it up in your box or hotel safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sleeping with your wedding band a good idea?

While this is a matter of preference, we recommend you take it off before bed to avoid it snagging in your hair, leaving scratches, or coming off at night. 

How tightly should my wedding band fit?

The perfectly sized wedding band should slide over your knuckle with little friction and fit snugly below it.

If it slides over the knuckle easily, odds are it’ll come off easily as well.  

What’s the best place to store your wedding ring?

While keeping your wedding ring on the dresser may seem more convenient, you should store your wedding ring in a fabric-lined jewelry box when you’re not wearing it.

It’ll keep it safe and in good shape.   

Final Thoughts

By all means, avoid taking off your wedding ring at airport security. You could easily lose it, or worse still, it could get stolen. 

Also, remember to take your ring off when going on very physical activities such as camping, swimming, or kayaking.  

Lastly, ensure you keep it in a safe location when you’re not wearing it.  

Have a safe trip!