Examples of Father to Son Wedding Poems

Examples of Father to Son Wedding Poems

If you are a father of the groom, it is natural to feel immense joy and happiness on this momentous occasion. A touching poem can be a beautiful way to convey your emotions to your son and his partner. If you are looking to write a poem for your son’s wedding but need some inspiration, you can take a look at these examples.

1. A Love That Lasts

My dearest son, today you start A journey with your chosen heart A love that’s true and built to last A bond that will remain steadfast

May your days be filled with bliss And your nights with sweetest kiss May your love grow strong and true As you say “I do” and “I love you”

2. A Father’s Pride

On this day, my heart swells with pride As I watch my son become a groom, a guide The man you’ve become makes me proud As you stand with your love, I shout it loud

May your life together be full of laughter And your love remain strong ever after As you start a new chapter in your life I’ll always be here, through joy or strife

3. A Blessing

My son, my child, my pride and joy Today you marry the girl you adore May your marriage be a blessing from above Filled with happiness, peace, and love

May your union be blessed with children Who bring you joy and fill your home with laughter May you both cherish each other every day And may your love grow stronger in every way

4. A Promise

As you say your vows and exchange rings I know your love will soar on eagle wings A promise you make to each other today A commitment that will never sway

My son, I’m proud of the man you’ve become And I’m happy to see you with the one Who makes your heart sing and your soul dance May your love be a forever-lasting romance

5. A Joyful Day

This is a day of joy and love As you both look to the heavens above You take each other as husband and wife And pledge to love each other for life

May your marriage be filled with love May it be a reflection of the One above May you both grow old and gray Still holding hands as you walk your way.

Presenting Your Wedding Poem: Ideas and Tips

Deciding when and how to present your wedding poem can be just as important as the poem itself. Here are some ideas and tips to consider:


The most common times to present a father to son wedding poem are during the wedding reception or the rehearsal dinner. If you plan to read your poem out loud, you may want to ask the wedding planner or the emcee if they can make an announcement or set aside a specific time for you to do so. You can also consider presenting the poem during the wedding ceremony itself, perhaps as part of a father’s speech.


There are several ways to present your wedding poem. You can read it aloud, have it printed in a wedding program or on a card, or have it printed and framed as a gift. If you plan to read your poem out loud, you may want to practice beforehand to make sure you can read it smoothly and with emotion.


The setting for presenting your wedding poem will depend on the timing and format you choose. If you plan to read your poem out loud, you may want to choose a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the reception. If you plan to present the poem as a framed gift, you can do so at any time during the wedding festivities. You may also want to consider the decor and ambiance of the setting, and choose a location that complements the tone of your poem.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when presenting your wedding poem:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Your poem should be heartfelt, but also concise and to the point.
  • Practice reading your poem out loud. This will help you feel more confident when it comes time to present it.
  • Consider incorporating humor or personal anecdotes to make the poem more engaging and relatable.
  • Choose a format and setting that works for you and your son, and that reflects your unique relationship.

No matter how you choose to present your wedding poem, remember that your words come from the heart and will be cherished by your son and his partner for years to come.


What should I include in a father to son wedding poem?

Your wedding poem should express your feelings towards your son and his partner. You can include your hopes and wishes for their future together, as well as your pride in your son and his accomplishments.

How long should my wedding poem be?

There is no set length for a wedding poem. It can be as long or as short as you like. What matters most is that it comes from the heart.


A father to son wedding poem is a touching way to show your love and support for your son on his special day. These examples are just a starting point – you can personalize your poem to reflect your own unique relationship with your son. No matter what you choose to write, your words will be a cherished gift that your son and his partner will treasure forever.