Examples of Grandmother to Grandson Wedding Poems

Examples of Grandmother to Grandson Wedding Poems

On a wedding day, families gather to honor and rejoice the love shared between two individuals. As a grandmother, you desire to mark this significant occasion and convey your wisdom and blessings to your grandson and their significant other. A sincere wedding poem is a beautiful means to accomplish this heartfelt gesture.

As a lover of poetry and a firm believer in the power of words, I have curated some examples of grandmother to grandson wedding poems that will make your heart sing and touch the hearts of your loved ones.

1. A Gift of Love

In life, you’ll meet someone to whom your heart belongs, And as you start a new chapter, we offer our loving songs. Our wishes for you are true and deep, May your love grow stronger with each passing week.

We gift you love and happiness, that’s our hope and prayer, We’re thankful for this special day, and that you’ll always care. May your journey together be blessed from the start, And may you find a lifetime of love in each other’s hearts.

2. Grateful for You

We’re grateful to be here and celebrate with you, To see you united, and your love ring true. As your grandmother, I’ve watched you grow, And now I’m honored to see you take this vow.

May your love be strong and steady, May your hearts be always ready. To face life’s ups and downs as one, And never forget the love you’ve begun.

3. A Journey of Love

Today, you embark on a journey of love, Bound by commitment and blessings from above. As your grandmother, I wish you both joy and grace, And may your love be a shining light in every place.

As you journey together, let your love be your guide, May it carry you through every valley and every tide. May your love be strong and unbreakable, And may you find peace in each other’s embrace.

4. Two Hearts, One Love

Two hearts, one love, a bond so strong, A lifetime together, where you both belong. As your grandmother, I am proud and happy, To see you both stand here, so loving and sappy.

May your love be as strong as the mountains, May your bond be unbreakable, like a fountain. Through good times and bad, always stay true, And remember that we all love and support you.

5. A Wish for Happiness

On this special day, I make a wish for you, A lifetime of happiness, love, and peace too. As your grandmother, I am proud and honored, To be here with you both, so happy and unbothered.

May your love grow stronger each day, May you both cherish each other in every way. Remember that we all love you, and want the best, And with these wishes, you can embark on your love’s quest.

6. A Promise to Keep

On this special day, as you take your vows, I am reminded of the promises I made, and how. To always support you, and love you with my heart, To be here for you, from the beginning to the start.

As you embark on your journey of love, Remember that you’re blessed from above. May your love grow stronger, with each passing day, And may you both cherish each other in every way.

I promise to be here, and support you too, And I am proud of you, and your love so true.


What should I include in a wedding poem?

A wedding poem is a personal and heartfelt message from you to the couple. You may want to include some words of wisdom or advice for a happy marriage, offer your blessings, and express your love and support for the couple. You can draw inspiration from your own experiences, love stories, and memories.

How long should a wedding poem be?

The length of your wedding poem is entirely up to you. It can be as short as a few lines or as long as a full page. The most important thing is that it comes from the heart and is a reflection of your love and support for the couple.

Ideas for Presenting the Wedding Poem

When it comes to presenting the wedding poem, there are many creative ways to do it. Here are some ideas:

  • During the ceremony: You can read the poem aloud during the ceremony, either before or after the exchange of vows. This is a beautiful and intimate moment that everyone will remember.
  • In a wedding card: You can write the poem in a card and present it to the couple before or after the wedding day. This is a great option if you’re not comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.
  • As a framed keepsake: You can have the poem professionally printed and framed, and present it to the couple as a special keepsake. This is a great way to create a lasting memory that they can display in their home.
  • As a video message: If you can’t attend the wedding in person, you can record a video message and include the poem. This is a great way to be a part of the celebration even if you can’t be there physically.

There are many beautiful and heartfelt ways to present a wedding poem to your grandson and his partner. Choose the method that feels right to you, and let your love and support shine through in every word.

A wedding poem is a beautiful and heartfelt way to offer your love and blessings to your grandson and his partner on their special day. With these examples and some inspiration from your own heart, you can create a timeless and cherished gift that they will treasure for years to come.