How Much Money to Give Son for Wedding Gift?

How Much Money to Give Son for Wedding Gift?

The concept of gifting and its appropriate etiquette is undergoing change.

Previously, cash gifts were extremely shunned. Nowadays, however, it is perfectly legitimate to kindly ask for cash rather than material wedding gifts.

The most frustrating aspect among most parents is weighing up how much money to give son for wedding gift.

You are obviously being cautious not to give too little but simultaneously large quantities of money can often be difficult.

Don’t fret; this article is dedicated to showing you plenty of pointers and helpful advice to ease your decision-making.

How Much Money to Give Son for Wedding Gift?

What is an appropriate sum of money for a wedding gift?

If your son is underway with plans of holding a wedding ceremony, questions on how much money to give as a wedding gift could be lingering.

Worth noting is the expensive nature of gifts.

Probable and worthwhile alternatives for reducing your expenditure are non-cash solutions.

However, this arouses the thought of how much is acceptable for spending on your son’s wedding present.

A rule of thumb would be a cash gift or an equivalent of at least $150. The backing is because “regular” visitors would typically spend that much on wedding presents.

You could dedicate less to close friends and wider family and slightly higher to immediate family members.

There is no cap, but if your youngster feels that you are being overly generous, try to rein it in.

Which Elements Should Factor When Deciding How Much Money to Give Your Son as a Wedding gift?

1. Your level of income

Consider your income level. Is it adequate?

Unless you are financially stable, you shouldn’t go haywire and give your son more than you can afford.

2. Connection with your son

Gauge your current affiliation with him. Consider the responses to inquiries such as, “Is this your only child?”

Rate your relationship with him? Did he relocate to another state?

Are you intending to give him something as a demonstration of your degree of care towards him?

3. Other gifts

A wedding ceremony is usually preceded by other occasions. These include bachelorette parties, engagement showers, etc.

With hardly a doubt, if you have already devoted a significant amount of money to the other events, the gift could be significantly less pricey.

If you are in capacity, however, nearly twice the amount you spent on the other gifts could be a suitable idea.

4. Other contributions to the wedding

Have you taken part in footing the bills for event management?

If yes, then it is utterly justified for your wedding gift to be a fraction less exorbitant.

5. Wedding location

A wedding ceremony that is being held far from where you live, presents a new set of concerns.

As a result, if the celebration is being hosted in a distant location or if your son lives across the nation, it is relevant to plunk down on gift ideas.

The main thing is being able to attend the ceremony. Spend on plane tickets and accommodation.

6. Solo or joined gifts

How do you prefer the gift presentation? Independent or with your spouse?

Collaboration accumulates into a better gift. For divorcees, don’t put up a competition with your ex.

What Are the Alternatives to Cash Wedding Gifts?

The adaptable and personal nature of monetary gifts has rendered them a prevalent wedding gift.

As your son’s wedding approaches, you might be feeling that a monetary wedding gift might be somehow overrated. 

Also, you may be short of disposable income.

Relax, as there are other nearly equivalent options. If this is the case, you might be shopping around for a suitable alternative. 

Common alternatives include:

  • Customized photo album: A hardcopy catalog of photographs could be an appropriate alternative or supplemental gift. When given by parents to their son it signals a lovely touch. Additionally, in this technological environment, it is a unique gift that can boost kinship.
  • Heirloom presents: A heirloom wedding gift bears a nobility signature when delivered to your son’s wife. If your household lacks a multi-generational tradition, consider initiating one.
  • Memory box: Invent a time capsule describing particular stages in your son’s development. Fill a box with pictures, sentimental items, toys, crafts, and other valuable possessions with a focus on arousing nostalgic memories.
  • Special art: Artwork as a wedding has passed through various generations with the same applause hence is a worthwhile alternative. You could DIY or hire an expert to make a special portrait of the newlyweds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appropriate wedding gift amount?

In 2022, each visitor will spend on average $150 on a wedding present.

Your bond with the couple, the opulence of the celebration, and the number of pre-wedding events you are invited to are the key considerations when determining how much money to spend on the wedding gift.

Do you give a wedding gift in cash or in the form of a check?

Cash donations are undoubtedly simpler for the pair.

However, you might not always have the precise amount of cash on hand that you wish to donate, so a check might be more convenient for you. 

If you can’t make it to a couple’s wedding, how much money should you gift them?

If you’re not attending the wedding, it would be advisable to spend about $50 on a present, though you might spend more if you’re a close friend or relative of the couple.

Final Thoughts

A wedding ceremony is a splendid commemoration of love, and presents are only one aspect of that.

While decent gift etiquette is pertinent, shouldn’t let social conventions keep you from savoring the occasion.

You need to be more concerned with the wedding ceremony and having an enjoyable experience than with the cost of your gift.

A sentimental toast brimming with affection will be considerably more heartwarming, so make one ahead of time.