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The wedding website (Plans and Presents Wedding Blog) was acquired by Vowness ( in 2023.


Founded in 2011, was a blog dedicated to sharing inspirational and informative content on weddings. It was called Plans and Presents. ran successfully for several years and it was acquired by Vowness in 2023.

The previous owner of Plans and Presents no longer works in the industry.

A selection of helpful wedding blog content can be found here:

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Vowness was originally founded in 2020 and re-branded from the previous name, Wedding Learning.

Founder, Mary Smith is a passionate wedding blogger with over a decade of experience in the industry. Always captivated by the love stories behind every wedding, she has dedicated herself to assisting couples in making their big day as special and unforgettable as possible.

For Mary, it was not always solely about writing. She aspired to create something truly unique and innovative for the wedding community, leading to the conception of the name “Vowness.” This name, a combination of the words “vow” and “loveliness,” encapsulates her fervor for capturing the beauty of weddings. is the ideal destination for individuals at any stage of the wedding planning process, offering inspiration, advice, and practical tips to make their wedding vision a reality. You can read more about us and meet the people behind Vowness here.